Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Ration Book Year - Day 8


I haven't done a video today because i haven't got dressed or put any makeup on so i look less than appealing.

8 days in and I'm starting to get used to this. I'm still getting to grips with the no television or computer thing, but i will do it. I think what is not helping is the fact that my family still use these things, so it's very hard to not watch the television when my sister has put it on and is watching it.

Margueritte Patten has been a real help in the form of her recipes. However, i want to try out more of her recipes because i seem to be cooking the same thing everyday (vegetables and a piece of meat or fish). I want to try to make a Lord Woolton Pie.

So all in all, this past week has been good. Boring at times but i will get ued to watching not television or going on the computer.

Ta ta for now! x

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